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Meet A Sexy Cougar - How to PickUp Hot Mature Women Cougars

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Meet A Sexy Cougar - Picking Up and Seducing Mature Women Cougars


How to Attract Sexy Younger Women - Seduce and Date Young Women

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How to Attract and Date Sexy Younger Women
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How can older men attract younger women ? Dealing with age difference. The Best Pick Up Artists Reveal Techniques For Attracting And Dating Younger Women. How Older Men Can Attract Younger Women (Dating Advice for Men) How To Get Younger Women --- why do women who are younger not give older guys a chance? i've heard that younger women love older men, what do you really think? how to attract younger women, she reveals the truth about how to attract sexy younger women, how can an older guy seduce young women, date young women, there are lots of younger women who are dating older men, meet young women who like dating older men, what types of younger women are you approaching, approaching younger women, approaching young women, step up your game, be fun, be exciting and show you can hang with the younger crowd, how to attract young women, younger dating, older men dating younger, dating younger women, older men younger women, older man younger woman, young girlfriend, date younger women

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How to Attract and Seduce Models - Seduce Sexy Models and Strippers

How to Attract and Seduce Models - Attracting Sexy Women, Seducing Models and Strippers, Pickup Hot Barmaids and Waitresses

How to Attract and Seduce Models - Attracting Sexy Women, Seducing Models and Strippers, Pickup Hot Barmaids and Waitresses

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Approach And Attract Beautiful Women - How To Approach An Attractive Woman

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How to Approach And Attract Beautiful Women - How to Approach an Attractive Woman

This video is about how to approach an attractive woman. Approach any woman, no matter how beautiful she is!
Except, in this video your actually not going to learn how to approach or pickup women, in fact you will learn how to connect and be more authentic with women.
Specifically, this video is about how to ENGAGE a woman no matter how beautiful or stunning she is!

So what's the obstacle? Well it begins at your point of focus. There are specifically two ideas in your mind that are going on just before you want speak to her.
They are; 1) She is beautiful and 2) I have got to talk to her - This is bad because you are hyper focused.

Now, when you see a beautiful woman, you hyper focus and all you can think about is how good looking she is! Well it's simple, what you want to do is start creating positive correlations to speaking and engaging with beautiful women. That is, the more beautiful she is the more compelled you are to act and go and talk to her.

Do this for a while and the feeling of fear and approach anxiety will dissipate and engaging beautiful women in conversation will be a fun and positive experience!

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First Dates - Where to take a Woman on a First Date - Where Not to take a Girl on a First Date - Kezia Noble

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First Date Locations - Where to take a woman on a first date - where NOT to take a girl on a first date - by Kezia Noble - PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist

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where you shouldn't take a woman on a first date
Formal restaurants it's a cliche to 'wine and dine' a woman, you book a table at a fancy restaurant, you end up sitting facing each other, get interrupted by waiters and there is potential for a lot of awkward silences. Also beware: a lot of women are looking for a free meal.

Don't take a woman to lunch for a first date - you may think it is a good idea as she will feel relaxed and not under pressure - but you need a little pressure in order for her to make an effort. Also it is very hard to escalate sex from a lunch date - chances of her coming back to yours from a lunch date are very low!

Activity based date - eg, karaoke, bowling, not a good idea unless you are under 18

Don't go over the top and try and do something to special, you want her to be more into you rather then the special experience you have created.

Don't take a woman to a VIP club on a first date, unless you are the VIP, she will be
more interested in the VIP's than she is in you.

Where you should take a woman on a first date

Take her somewhere you feel comfortable, take her somewhere that everybody knows you, take
her to a venue where your place in the hierarchy is high, this could be your local pub, a bar, a club or a party, this is a great way to show a woman that you have high value, that you have
a lot of friends, that you are important and that people respect you. This is very important
to women.

Take her to the cinema - a cinema date is a great first date, you can grab something to eat after
and you will have something to talk about, there will be no awkward silence.

Take her to a really tacky themed bar / club - it's a chance for her to be silly, you create your own world, dance to really cheesy music. taking a woman on a first date like this is also a great
way to assess her. How cool is she? Will she let her hair down? Do you want to see this girl for a second date?


kezia noble - sexy pua pick up artist dating coach - kezia noble sexy woman first date advice

How to Pick Up Shy Girls - Attracting Shy Girls - Hadassa Noble

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How to Pick Up Shy Girls - Hadassa Noble, Sister and Wing Girl of PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist Kezia Noble giving you tips and advice about how to Attract Shy Girls, Picking Up Shy Girls

How to Pick Up Shy Girls - Hadassa Noble Sister and Wing Girl of Kezia Noble giving you tips and advice about how to Attract Shy Girls, Picking Up Shy Girls
3 Tips you should bare in mind when trying to attract shy girls
  1. Make assumptions about her rather then asking her questions - observe the way she looks, the way she dresses, the way she stands, holds herself and speaks. These are all details about her that you can use.
  2. Don't worry if you think you are too opinionated for shy girls, or think that the things you say may come across as too strong or will put them off. Shy girls won't mind you having strong opinions, if fact they will probably like it, if you are confident it will more likely bring out their confidence. A shy girl will mirror you if you act shy. A strong opinion will be something she will either agree with or disagree with and will be something she will argue with - which is good for bringing her out of herself.
  3. Challenge Her - A shy girl will be very happy about being challenged and it will bring her out of her shell, do not think you have to be really careful around shy girls and have to walk on egg shells, once out of her shell she will be just as confident as any other girl.


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Flirting with Women - How to Flirt with Girls - Using the Push-Pull Technique - Kezia Noble

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Flirting with Women - How to Flirt with Girls Using the Push-Pull Technique by PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist Kezia Noble

how to flirt, flirting with women tips and advice. Women love flirting, girls love to be around guys who flirt, when you flirt with a woman it creates a positive experience.
You do not have to be a natural flirt, flirting can be contrived, learn how to flirt and get real results with women. Increase your success with women, even if you have never flirted in your life you can learn how to flirt with women.

Making her feel sexually desired ( but only temporarily ) excessive use of the push pull technique - Giving the girl intense attention, and conveying to her your sexual desire for her is very very powerful, but only when done in small doses... otherwise it can become overwhelming rather then enjoyable. The moment you create should be used as a hint of what might be, rather then a guarantee of what will be, this is really important when it comes to flirting.
It's not about guaranteeing her that you are going to sleep with her that night, that you are going to have wild sex.. it's a hint of what might be, it leaves room for the imagination, it leaves her guessing.. but it can only be achieved if it is done in small doses.
Flirting is always about a hint of what might be.
once you have made her feel sexually desired, you have to be the one who changes that moment, you either change the topic of the conversation or you switch your full attention elsewhere.
You have to keep control, if you do not change the moment, she will and you will end up having turned a positive into a negative. this is the mistake that guy's make.
They show their sexual desire, but they then hold on to it for too long. then the girl breaks away, however confident a woman is, however sexually confident she is.. there comes a point when it
becomes unbearable for her.
If you can change the moment successfully, you will leave her WANTING MORE! but however if you do not apply the push-pull technique into flirting, it will become too intense, too sexual and you'll lose her.
The ability to make a girl want to slap you and kiss you at the same time - this is extremely powerful and only a few guys ever get it right. This is the whole experience a woman feels when she meets a guy and part of her wants to mother him, while another part of her wants to sleep with him.

Putting a woman in an emotional and psychological frame of mind where she wants more from you.


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How to Make A Woman Interested in You - What Do Women Want ?

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What do Women Want? How to Get A Woman Interested in you - Getting a Woman's Opinion by PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist Kezia Noble

What Women Want - kezia noble finds out what women want

what annoys women most when guys are trying to pick them up, what do women find attractive in men, getting a woman's view on pick up / seduction, you have to come across as genuine, if you give too many compliments she will wonder if you are being genuine or is it just a blatant attempt to seduce.
Getting too close, intruding her personal space can come across as
threatening to a woman.
You must have good personal hygiene when attempting to pick up women.
How important is deep connection to women?
deep connection is very important to a women in the whole attraction phase, if you can not make deep connection when you are meeting women then there will be no chemistry.
Chemistry is very important to in the seduction / attraction process because a woman will get bored of you very quickly otherwise.

Women love deep conversation, light chit-chat gets boring.. deep conversation breeds trust and a woman will want to be your friend / lover / girlfriend.

A woman can sense what you are about, they will read your energy / aura and if they like it, they will be more inclined to open up to you!! if your attitude stinks you will get nowhere.

Pay attention to her.. You Must Listen!!

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IOI Indicators of Interest Disinterest - How to Know A Woman is NOT Attracted to You

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IOI Indicators of Interest Disinterest - How to Know A Woman is NOT Attracted to You - by PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist Kezia Noble with her sister / wing girl hadassa noble

IOI's Indicators of Interest - Attracting Women - Pick Up Women Tips and Advice

How To Spot Indicators of Interest - How to know a woman is interested in you.

How to know that a woman is not interested - Indicators of Disinterest

It is far easier to notice when a woman is not interested in you,
then it is to notice that a woman likes you.

When you approach a girl it is easy to tell when a girl is not attracted to you.
If you are talking to a girl and she backs off, she doesn't like you!
If you are talking to a girl and she is not looking at you, but looking over your
shoulders, she is not attracted to you.
if a girl you are talking to a girl and she is looking for her friends, or anyone
else to talk to she's not attracted to you.
if a woman does not like you, she will try to avoid eye contact at all costs.

IOI Indicators OF INTEREST - indicators of interest differ from every single girl

how to know when a woman is interested in you, does she find you attractive, does she want to sleep with you, kezia noble and sister wing girl hadassa noble - sexy pua coach female pick up artist

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Drop your Ego - Dating Fears and Succeed with Women

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Why You Could Have Had That Woman You Wanted - Stop losing Connection with the Women you Desire
By Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
What if I told you that there is ONE thing that most guys do (including YOU I'll bet) which, more than almost ANYTHING else RUINS the chances of most relationships taking off.
Not only that...
What if I told you that this same ONE thing has caused you (probably many times) to walk away from women YOU told yourself weren't interested when, in reality, THEY WERE INTO YOU! (Women to whom you were REALLY attracted)
Don't believe me? Keep reading, then, because I am going to show you how you may be walking away from these women who are interested in you.
Bottom Line: Your ego is ruining it for you.
Let me give you the classic example. See if this sounds familiar to you.
Here you are. You're hanging out with a woman you’ve been out with three or four times. You’re getting along great, and you know it. You’re having a good time with her.
Then, all of a sudden, she gets scared (which ALWAYS happens). Maybe she all of a sudden stops calling you. Maybe she doesn't text you back right away. Maybe she hesitates about getting together.
What do you do? You let your ego step in to protect you. Your ego goes to work protecting you, and you say to yourself "Screw it. This isn't going to work out."
What's REALLY going on, is that your ego was just protecting you from becoming even more vulnerable. THEN what happens next is that you RATIONALIZE the situation to yourself by doing things like submerging yourself in your work.
Sounding like anyone you know?! The truth is that your ego is just trying to protect you the whole time.
Not missing that great relationship might just take one more phone call. Call that person out and say to them, “Hey, what’s going on? I don’t get it. You and I were having a good time, and then you disappear. What’s up?”
By calling somebody out on their shit, you’re going to get a response that will be FAR different than you ever imagined. Maybe she just needed that extra push. Women like to feel safe.
Maybe she did get a little bit scared. When a woman gets scared, what does she want? She wants to be protected by her man.
A real man is going to make her feel protected and make her feel safe. That’s what women are craving – that feeling of safety and security. Women are nesters.
Women are looking at you as a potential husband or father, and they want to feel very safe. By you saying "screw it" and just walking away at the first little sign of possible rejection, you proved to her that that little doubt that she had about you was 100% correct.
You walked away from a woman who wanted you. WHY?
It's just because you didn’t want to become vulnerable, and you had to protect your ego. You wanted to save face.
From whom did you need to save face anyway? From your friends? From her friends if she talks to them?
If you call her and just ask her what's up, she is going to go to her friends and say, “He called, and he just wants to know what’s going on with me. What should I do?” If her friends know that she likes you, all her friends will be encouraging her to call you.
So your ego just protected you from NOTHING. There are a hundred other similar scenarios like this, but they all have the same moral to the story: You MUST lose the ego.
If you really want a true, spectacular relationship, drop the ego. When you go to meet somebody, drop the ego. Stop worrying about what other people say and just live your life to the fullest every day by becoming vulnerable.
If you want to ELIMINATE all of your dating fears FOR GOOD so you never miss a connection with women you desire, and learn how to create the deep inner confidence you need to be able to easily and enjoyably meet and attract the women you most desire EVERY DAY, then you need to check this out:
Mens Mastery Audio Series David Wygant - learn how to easily and naturally, attract the most amazing women every single day and everywhere you go..
Dating Tips For Men. Throw Aside Your Fears And Learn How To Approach And Attract Women By Top Dating Coach David Wygant!

How to be Unforgettable When First Meeting A Woman - How to Really Stand Out when Approaching Girls

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How To Be Unforgettable At First Meeting
By Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
Did you ever wonder what it takes to really intrigue a woman when you approach her? I mean, what is it that women REALLY want a guy to do when he walks up and talks to her?
Ever wonder what makes women respond positively to one guy who approaches them ... and respond, uh - not so positively to another? Well wonder no more!
There is something ALL women crave in any meeting they have with a man. It's the men who understand this who are the men who become UNFORGETTABLE to women, and are the men women can't wait to tell all their friends about over and over again!
So what is this thing? I'm going to tell you right now, so keep reading.
Women are always talking about one thing. If you go out with a group of women and one of them has a new boyfriend, they are ALWAYS always talking about this one thing.
Let’s say the new boyfriend is meeting the group of friends for the first time. Everyone has been introduced politely, and then all of a sudden one of the friends will ask, “So how did you guys meet? Tell us the story!”
They have probably heard the story at least a thousand times, BUT they want to keep hearing it. WHY? Because they want it to happen to them.
No, they don't want THAT guy to happen to them. They want THAT ROMANCE to happen to them. Women are all about this great romance.
So the woman will start this long story: “Oh, I was in Borough Market waiting in line at Monmouth Coffee Company like I do every single Saturday. All of a sudden this cute guy and I ordered a latte at the very same time. I looked at him and he said to me, ‘Jinx!’ I laughed, and then we both got our coffees ..."
It’s the kind of story that they tell a million times. “Oh my God, I was in the market buying my usual tea, and I dropped the box. This guy picked it up for me and told me I was a klutz, and he hasn’t stopped calling me that since!”
So are you starting to get it? It’s ALL about the story to women. They want to have that story to tell their friends all the time about "that guy."
Do you want to stand out from all the OTHER guys who walk up to women saying the same boring FORGETTABLE things? Do YOU want to be the guy that women are wanting to tell a story about over and over again?
Of course you do. So when you meet women when you're out and about, be ready to tell that story. Be ready to BE that story. You will be a legend.
If you meet her in line at Monmouth Coffee Company, she will text her friends all day long saying, "You won’t believe what happened to me at the market today! I met this guy…” And the story will go from there.
For women, a romance starts from the second that you meet. I went out with someone recently who remembered exactly where we met. She also remembered what day of the week it was and what was going on around town that day. Women remember details like that.
Men don't remember things that way. Well, actually we don't remember a LOT. Ask any man how he met his girlfriend, and you'll get an answer something like “I don’t know, we just kind of met.”
What you have to remember is that women are WIRED DIFFERENTLY, so when you meet her you want to create that romantic moment for her RIGHT from the start. It's all about creating an emotion when you first meet a woman.
The way you walk. The way you talk. The first words that come out of your mouth. THESE are the things that a woman will ALWAYS remember ... and what determines if you will be that unforgettable guy.
But here's the WHOLE KEY to this...
It's NOT what you say, it's HOW you say it! Create that romantic moment for a woman with your words, and you will be amazed at the response you'll get.
If If you want to hear women confess to me EXACTLY what they want from men - in every area from Online dating, approaches, relationships, sex and much more... be sure to check out my "Girls Tell All" Audio Program:
How to Talk Dirty to a Woman - girls secret sex talk - Women Tell All - David Wygant

Dating Tips For Men. Throw Aside Your Fears And Learn How To Approach And Attract Women By Top Dating Coach David Wygant!

Stop Making Excuses Meet Women Now - Your Biggest Dating Obstacle is YOU

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How To Overcome Your Biggest Dating Obstacles
By Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
Let me ask you a few questions, and see if you can relate...
Do you ever feel like the odds are against you in the dating game? Do you feel like there are obstacles in your way that make it more difficult for you than others (or seemingly almost impossible at times) to be successful at meeting and attracting the kind of women you REALLY desire?
Do you feel like NOTHING seems to work (and you've tried it ALL!) no matter how hard you try? Do you feel like the deck is stacked against you? Do you feel like you are just plain unlucky in love? Do you feel like dating is harder for you because of circumstances about you or your life?
I mean, you've tried -- right? -- but you just feel like there is so much in your way...
Well what if I were to tell you that there is NOTHING that holds you back from being able to confidently meet and attract the women you MOST desire, AND that you can get rid of all the obstacles you perceive to be holding you back RIGHT NOW?
It's true.
Without even knowing what your specific issues are in your dating life, I can tell you that you CAN breakthrough and overcome EVERY one of them . . . and do it immediately!
Recently on my blog, a reader posted a comment about one of my articles in which he questioned that I or anyone else could help him to be able to meet someone.
He said he has tried “everything” to meet someone. He's tried pick-up lines and routines. He's tried what some term “natural game.” He said nothing he's tried has worked.
Then he started listing some of the reasons WHY things aren't working for him in his dating life.
His list of "reasons" was VERY long...
  • He lives in a woman-less area.
  • He isn't good looking enough.
  • He doesn't make enough money.
  • He just has "bad luck" in dating.
  • He only attracts "bad women"
His list went on and on. It isn't necessary to list each of them here, but here's the KEY: What every one of this reader's “reasons” had in common were that THEY WERE ALL EXCUSES!
Worse yet, in his mind this reader perceives each of these to be unchangeable facts of life instead seeing them for what they really are -- excuses he's created so he doesn't have to face his dating difficulties. So many people make these kind of excuses in order to feel justified in not putting themselves “out there” in the dating world, OR to avoid having to face that they need to work on their confidence or conversation skills.
My point here is not to make my reader or any of you who feel like my reader feel badly. It is to make you realize that you are capable of having the kind of AMAZING, FUN and SUCCESSFUL dating life you have convinced yourself is unavailable to you!
I'm going to show you how to get rid of some of these limiting beliefs RIGHT NOW, because I don't want you to spend even ONE more day feeling like you can't meet women you want every day or that there is anything holding you back from having the dating life of your dreams (because there isn't!)
What I'm going to reveal now is how to overcome five of the BIGGEST and most common excuses guys make. All five of these excuses have one thing in common:
They are all manifested inside your mind so you can justify not having to try, and to allow you to feel better about your unsatisfying dating life.
There's no reason for you to suffer through another day of an unsatisfying dating life... NO REASON AT ALL! Before I do that, though, I first have to be straight with you.
What all of you excuse-makers need to realize is that an amazing dating life is not just going to magically happen to you. Just with anything else you want to achieve in life, you've got to put work and effort into meeting women.
Let me assure you that your doorbell is not going to ring one day and when you open the door your perfect woman will be standing there with a bottle of wine and takeout saying, “I've been driving around the neighborhood for the last 15 years looking for your house and now I've finally found you!” (If it does, you and I need to talk!)
So here are five of the biggest and most common excuses guys make about their dating lives, along with proactive ways to overcome those excuses so you will NEVER AGAIN allow yourself to buy into them.
I hear this every day from clients and readers: “David, there are no good women to meet where I live – and everyone I hang out with agrees with me.”
Let me tell you. I hear this “and everyone I know agrees with me” validation for people's excuses more than anything else. The old saying that 'misery loves company' has never been more apropos.
People love to complain, and love even more to find others who will agree with their complaints. You need to go out there with a better attitude.
The fact is, where you live has NOTHING to do with you remaining single. Really...Nothing!
It's your MINDSET and your belief system that are the problem, because there are great women to meet EVERYWHERE. I've worked with people all over the world and no matter where my clients reside I have always been able to show them how to meet great people where they live.
It's your mindset that is dictating your ability to meet someone where you live. If you truly believe that there is nobody great to meet where you live, then you're 100% right and you will NOT find anyone great to meet where you live. So you need to develop a better attitude.
Another excuse I constantly hear from guys is “David, the only women I seem to attract are the wrong women, and I can't seem to do anything about it.” Oh really?
The truth is that you have the power to do something about it. The reason why you're attracting the wrong women comes down to the way you go out there and meet women.
Look at your life a little more deeply. Are you going to same places over and over again and always meeting the same type of women? Well that could be one of the reasons.
Are you not making yourself available so it's too much of a challenge for people to meet you? That could be another reason.
When you go out on dates, do you tend to talk more about negative things than positive things? This can also bring the wrong women into your life.
The list of questions like these can go on and on, BUT what's important is that you stop thinking about the women that you are meeting and start thinking about HOW you're meeting them. Start thinking about how you can change your life.
In order to meet different people than you've been meeting, you need to change your life immediately.
If you don't have time to meet someone, then you're not going to meet someone.
If you truly want to meet someone, you need to make time to do it. It's really that simple.
As I mentioned above, your perfect person is not just going to show up on your doorstep one day. You need to be willing to put some effort into meeting women.
In fact, you need to put time into it every day if you want that to actually happen. This is something I tell all my clients all the time.
Fifteen minutes a day devoted to going out there and meeting new people is all you need. Try setting goals for yourself if that helps you. Tell yourself “I'm going to talk to four new women today” or something like that.
Whatever your goal is, though, you need to make yourself reach it every day. Women aren't just going to start coming over and approaching you.
You've got to make it happen. You've got to make the time. If you're not willing to make the time to meet someone, then you're right when you say you will not meet someone.
I know you're busy. We're all busy. Just remember that this is YOUR life, and only you can make your life happen for you.
Some people's excuses, while phrased less negatively than others, are just as bad in terms of preventing them from facing their dating issues. My favorite one of these is the “as soon as” person. These people are everywhere.
You've heard them, and I certainly have heard them, saying something like "David, as soon as I lose weight I'll go out and talk to people.” There are a million other phrases that could be filled in after the “as soon as” part of that sentence:
As soon as I get back in the gym...
As soon as I finish this big project at work...
As soon as I go on this new diet...
As soon as my kids get older...
I could go on and on for days, But you get the idea. When you start using “as soon as” excuses, you become the person who truly believes that life is going to change the second you accomplish other things.
You've got to start doing this now, because life is all about being in the moment and living in the now. You need to totally get rid of the mindset that you will somehow be magically ready to meet someone “as soon as” you do or accomplish some other thing.
Life is not about scheduling things like this and putting them on a timetable.
Once again this all about your attitude and mindset. You've got to be open to meeting someone all the time.
I hear many people who have never tried online dating tell me “I don't want to do online dating. Online dating is for losers.” This is a ridiculous statement. There are millions upon millions of people dating online.
A client of mine once said to me “David, I don't want to put my picture on my online dating profile because someone I know might see it and then they'll know I'm doing online dating.” Let's put aside the fact that if someone sees your online profile, it likely means they themselves are doing online dating.
Here again, there is an attitude problem at work. You need to change the way you see things.
If someone has seen you online, then if they see you in real life they can walk over to you and say: “Did I see you on Yahoo! Personals the other day? I didn't know you were single.”
You've got to tell people you're single and, more importantly, you need to stop feeling like there is something wrong with being single. Going online is making an announcement to the world that “Yes, I'm single, I'm open and I want to meet someone.” You can't just stay in your house and do absolutely nothing.
While online dating may not be for everyone, you need to stay open and take action to improve your dating life. In order to meet great women, you've GOT to decide to be proactive and do all these things. So get RID of the excuses, get rid of the fears, and start meeting great women.
If you want to learn how to breakthrough all your fears and excuses, and how to cultivate the kind of deep inner confidence that will allow you to easily and enjoyably attract women every day, then click here to read more:
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Online Dating Secrets REVEALED - The Secret to Meeting Sexy Women Online

Online Dating Secret REVEALED
By Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
I get literally hundreds of emails from guys who are frustrated and lost when it comes to online dating. They put in the time, they put up what they think is a great profile ... and they send out LOTS of emails to women online.
Unfortunately, and despite all of this, a lot of guys see very little success in the online dating world. Why? Sounds like they're doing everything right, doesn't it?
Well, the truth is that there are a few cardinal mistakes, and a few *SECRETS* that, if they only knew about them, could save most of these men a LOT of time and frustration. So I'm going to reveal one of the biggest mistakes -- and, better yet, one of the biggest SECRETS -- to succeeding in online dating.
Remember when I said above about all the guys who send out LOTS of emails to women online (but don't get a lot of responses)? You would think that just by the law of averages that the more emails a guy sends out, the more responses he proportionately will get. Wrong!
Well, actually, it might be right IF guys were sending out different and unique emails to each of the women. Most guys, however, will create a generic email that they will cut and paste and send to a couple hundred women online.
The truth, and a secret most guys dating online don't know, is that women NEVER respond to these kind of "generic, cut 'n paste" emails. (ESPECIALLY those "10s" online that you most want to intrigue!)
These NEVER work! Did I say these never EVER work?! :-)
Remember that women get hundred of emails a week (and the really hot women get more than that), so if you want to grab women's attention online you MUST intrigue them.
Let me tell you something else. Women KNOW when you're sending a cut and paste email. Yes, I'm sorry to tell you that when you send those generic emails you are fooling no one!
Women want to know that you've READ their profile. By eliminating the cut and paste emails, and by sending emails to women which show you've read their profile, you will make yourself stand out from the majority of other guys online.
If you want to learn EVERYTHING about how to succeed at online dating -- from how to create an online profile, interpret women's profiles, how to contact women online, to EXACTLY what to say to intrigue them ... as well as what specifically will attract the hottest women online and get their attention, then be sure to check out my video product "Secrets Of Online Dating" -- Click here to check it out (and see video previews too):

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How to Create Deep Connection with Women - Creating Deep Connection with Any Woman you Desire

Deep Connection
The Art of Creating Deep Connection with Women you Desire - by Kezia Noble - Female PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist
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Talk to Any Woman You Desire - How to Have Great Conversations with Women

10 hook lead system
Talk to any woman by Kezia Noble - Female PUA Pickup Coach
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Are you sick of women being unresponsive?
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Friday, 20 January 2012

The Secret to Attracting Amazing Women - How to Connect with Women - Connecting with the Right Women

The Secret To Attracting The Right WomenBy Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
Do you ever notice how some guys seem to have great, amazing women virtually fall into their lap . . . and they don't even seem to be TRYING? How do they do it?
And tell me if you've ever had this happen to you...
You ask a friend or family member who found one of these great and amazing women how they did it, and what's their answer? "I found her when I wasn't looking."
Did you just roll your eyes, or perhaps throw something at the computer screen? I hate when people say that!
Also, how exactly do people think you are supposed to take that advice? "Gee, thanks! That is REALLY helpful!"
I totally understand how you feel, but here's the thing...
Where does this advice come from, and why does ANYONE think that NOT being proactive is the key to achieving anything (let alone achieving the goal of finding a truly amazing and deep connection with a woman)?
Well, there is something that you need to think about BEFORE you ever start "looking," and it may be one of the biggest KEYS to how all those people found these amazing women when they "weren't even looking."
So if you want to find truly amazing love, or a truly amazing connection of any kind with a woman, then what I'm going to tell you now is something you will want to read carefully (and probably more than once!)
A few months ago I saw an old friend with whom I grew up and had lunch with him. It was a very memorable 95 degree fall day in Los Angeles. If you are familiar with October weather in Los Angeles, you know that when the Santa Ana winds are blowing it causes intense heat which makes the fall feel like Indian Summer.
We spent a long time catching up with each other and talking. We talked about life and relationships, but the topic of conversation inevitably came back to the status of our respective dating lives. My conversation with him reminded me about a concept I want to share which I call the "open door."
I believe we get to a point in our lives when we think we know everything. The problem with this is that many people at this point believe that they not only know and have experienced everything, but they also believe that there is nothing new left to experience and thus become closed.
They are no longer open to life. They haven't done enough work on themselves to remain open. I was telling my friend that I am right now the most open that I've ever been in my entire life, which seems to be the reverse of how most people's lives go.
Due to their life experiences - hurt, failed relationships, love gone bad - they become more closed to life as time goes on and as they age. As they get older, most people become less open to things.
This is, however, the exact opposite of how you should become in your life as you age. You need to be the most open to life as you get older, because you should be learning and embracing every life lesson as you experience them.
Every single person you've met has been a life lesson for you. You should not thinking that certain people were brought into your life just to hurt you, but instead should think of them as people who were in your life to teach you something.
I told my friend that because I'm right now the most open that I've ever been, I am also right now open to whatever possibilities life might bring me. I'm open to experiencing the most incredible love. I'm open to experiencing the most incredible connection with another person.
The only reason I am so open right now is because of everything I've experienced in my past. So I'm really the polar opposite of where most of the masses are at this same point in their lives, and going in the exact opposite direction emotionally that they are going.
The masses tend to go in the direction of feeling more and more wounded. The masses tend to go in the direction of being less and less open. Going in these directions, though, are the biggest mistakes in the entire world.
Think about it. The new person you met today did not hurt you. That new person you've met has not cheated on you. That new person you met did not betray your love for them.
That new person is in your life to explore new things with you based on everything you've learned in your past. So I think all of you who are spending way too much time thinking about what's happened to you in your past are cheating yourselves.
You're not concentrating on the present, which is where life happens. If you are not open to the amazing things that could come into your life, then you are just "ripping yourself off" from so much of what is out there waiting for you.
So I want to challenge all of you by asking you this question: Are you living in the past? Ask yourself whether you are allowing past failures, mistakes and pain to dictate the way you're currently conducting yourself in relationships, OR whether you are 100% in tune with what is happening presently so you are able to embrace whatever is happening to you at this moment.
Living and embracing the present are the ONLY way to live. Being open to life right now is the only way I'm choosing to live. I am so open for the amazing love in my life, because I know I'd be cheating myself if I didn't allow myself to experience that.
If you want to stop playing it safe in your dating life, and want to create your ideal dating life from the ground up so you will NEVER live in dating regret EVER, then click here to read more:
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Avoid Boring First Dates Fun Dating - Avoiding Awkward Tense Moments with Women on First Date

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How To Avoid That BAD First Date
By Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
Want To Avoid That BAD First Date? OK, let's all admit it. First dates can be, well, kind of awful!
It's not that you don't like the girl with whom you're on the date, and it's not that you don't want to HAVE the date at all. It's that first dates can feel tense, awkward, pressured, and downright stressful sometimes. Also, to tell you the truth, I used to REALLY not have fun on a lot of first dates.
Can you relate to any of this? Have you ever felt like this about first dates? So what's going on here?
Well there is something that happens on a large numbers of first dates that really set a first date up for FAILURE (or at least make it as difficult as possible to have a great time)
So what can really KILL any potential for success on a first date? What do you usually plan for a first date?
I mean, where do you usually take your dates on a first date? Hmmm... Let me guess. Dinner (and maybe a movie)? Putting aside the issue of this being a total cliché, it's also about the WORST option you can choose for a first date.
Here's why...
Actually, let me ask you a question first. Why on earth would you take someone out for dinner on a first date, unless of course the woman is homeless and she needs a good meal? To sit across from somebody and watch them chew down food while you tell each other the same stories you've told a hundred times is

The reason why most of us don't enjoy dating is because we go out on dinner dates. Now, granted, having dinner with someone is fantastic when you're with a person whose company you enjoy and with whom you already have some sort of relationship.
There's one BIG difference though on a first date. Think about whether this is true or not (and I'm betting for you, like most of us, it is). Being forced to sit at a table exchanging resumes with a total stranger is the reason why most of us don't like to date, but yet we still conduct dinner dates.
So what are the alternatives to the boring clichéd dinner date? Now before you get ready for me to bust out a numbered “Top Ten Things To Do Instead Of A Dinner Date” lists, though, it's NOT.
For one thing, I think we have been 'top 10 listed' to death on the Internet. PLUS it's really time YOU figured out what YOU like to do, and also listened to what the person you're interested in likes to do, so you can come up with clever dates.
Don't worry, though, because I am going to HELP get your thinking started and I am going to give you examples of some of the things I like to do. By doing that, it will help you so you can make up your own personal list.
I like to check out new neighborhoods by walking around and checking out the stores. (That's one of my favorite dates).
I like to do dragio - which is hiking and dragging my lazy dog up the hill. This is a great first date to just talk and enjoy the outdoors.
I enjoy going to art galleries.
I like to walk along the beach.
I enjoy going to fun coffee and tea shops and sampling new teas.
These are some of the things that I enjoy doing. So when I have a first date, I listen to what they like -- then what I do is make the date fun. You do this because, if you think about it, when you do get into a relationship with someone you will not spend every evening exchanging resumes over dinner.
You're going to be doing things you both enjoy. By picking something more interesting than dinner for a first date, you are also giving each other fun things to talk about while you're shopping together (OR walking on the beach together, OR going to Target together OR doing WHATEVER might be fun for you).
The reason why so many of us don't like to date is because it is so formal. Dinner dates are formal and boring. You spend the night evaluating each other, then you come home and you're evaluating each other some more with your friends.
Activity dates are fun and memory-building. If you are familiar with what I teach, you know how important I believe it is for you to be memorable in life.
So instead of asking all of you to make a list of 50 great dates, I would like to have you concentrate on thinking of great first date ideas that YOU enjoy. So now, unless you are dating a homeless woman who really needs to be fed, it's time to get creative in your dating!
By the way, if you want to learn the best ways to make your approaches and early connections with women be a complete SUCCESS, and if you want to learn the best ways to approach women with complete confidence (but without using any "lines" or routines), then this is a letter you need to check out:
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Having No Confidence Meeting Women - Being Fearless when Approaching Women - Believe in Yourself

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having no confidence is what stops you being successful with women
By Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you TRY, and despite the fact that you go out and do EVERYTHING I tell you to DO, that you just can't meet women?
How frustrating!
Do you wonder why some guys do EXACTLY the same things you're doing and attract women everywhere, and yet you are not having that same success and aren't seeing the same results.
So, what is going on here? Is there just something "special" about these other guys? (Hint: The answer is NO) Or...Is there something about YOU that just isn't attractive to women?
The answer is ... yes and no. Huh? I can hear you now thinking, 'Wait a minute David, are you saying I'm NOT attractive?!'
Absolutely NOT! In fact, let me tell you something -- and you need to pay CLOSE attention here. YOU can meet and attract women every day and everywhere you go -- and you can be totally 100% successful in your dating life.
And you can do it RIGHT NOW ... BUT (isn't there always a "but?") there MAY be something about you right now that IS keeping you from attracting women.
I'm going to tell you the NUMBER ONE thing you need to have to attract women which you very likely may be MISSING, and how working on changing this ONE THING will immediately and completely change your success in meeting women.
Yes, it's THAT powerful!
See, I hate seeing you so frustrated, because I believe that you are putting the time and the effort into going out there. The problem is that you are ONLY working on the DOING part, and you are missing a KEY and CRITICAL part to the equation.
Let's talk about this, because if you work on this, you will see a MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION in the kind of response you are getting from women.
Pretty exciting, huh?
OK ... So, let's start with a request from me: I want you to go look in the mirror and tell me what you see.
  • Do you like who you see?
  • Are you comfortable with the person you see?
  • If you were someone else, would you want to meet you?
It is really important when you're trying to meet women that you like yourself. It is important because if you don't like yourself, then no one else is going to like you either.
If you walk around believing that you can't meet somebody, then your whole energy is just that. If you walk around believing that you can't meet somebody, then guess what ... you are NOT GOING TO meet somebody.
Nobody is going to rescue you. There is no one person in the world who is going to rescue you from you.
In order to be able to go out and meet women, you've got to first start a relationship with yourself. When you wake up every morning, you have got to feel good about yourself.
You have to like yourself. You have to like who you are. You have to like what you're all about.
It is ESSENTIAL that you love who you are and what you're all about.
It doesn't matter if you buy all my products and learn every single technique I teach on how to attract women, because if you don't find yourself attractive

then nobody else will either. Period. It's just a fact.
There are some good exercises to help you find yourself attractive. For one, ask yourself whether you like your wardrobe. Do you like the way you look in your clothes? Any clothes you don't like your body in you should give to charity.
Do you like the way your body looks? If you don't like the way your body looks, start working out. Get on a good exercise and diet regimen. You are not going to become confident overnight, nor are you going to get to your ideal fighting weight overnight.
By taking small steps every day, however, you ARE going to feel more confident. And this alone will make the BIGGEST difference in how attractive you are to women.
Becoming a confident person just doesn't happen with the snap of the fingers.
It takes time, work and effort.
Another great thing to do in January is to get yourself some new clothes. With all the after-Christmas sales, most clothing items are 50% off.
Let me suggest something FUN to do while you're shopping. Go to a lot of clothing stores and try on a lot of different clothes.
Have a sales girl take digital pictures of the clothes you try on. Then at the end of the day, take a look at all the pictures and see what you like the best.
The next day go back and purchase the clothes that looked best on you. You'll see which ones those are in the pictures.
The clothes that look the best on you will also be the clothes in which you will have the most fun. Don't buy the first thing you see just because the sales girl was cute. (I know more than a few of you have done this!)
Take your time. You are trying to formulate a new you.

The number one thing about a man that is attractive to women is inner confidence. She is not going to believe in you if you don't believe in you.
So you might as well start packaging yourself better so you can start to believe in yourself better. It all starts with YOU.
Working on the external is a fast way to feel better. Working on the internal takes a lot more time, BUT is more than worth the time and work.
The internal work is what will allow you to cultivate the kind of deep and real inner confidence that will not only allow you to be able to attract the women you MOST desire but, even BETTER, it will allow you to ENJOY your life and the process of meeting women every day.
Imagine how THAT would feel! (and you CAN feel that way for the rest of your life)
One thing that helps with the internal part is goal setting. Work on small parts of you every single day. By doing this you will start to feel better about yourself every single day.
I could throw every cliché in the book at you - Rome wasn't built in a day OR You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink - but EVERYTHING in life takes time, effort and energy. The problem is that we live in a culture that is based on instant gratification.
That is why embracing small wins every single day is really important. If you went out tomorrow and purchased some new clothes that make you feel better about yourself, that's a win.
If you decide to start working out, you may not have your ideal body type in a day. Every day you work out, however, you are that much closer to having your ideal body type.
So do something every day that's going to get you closer to being more confident. Also, stop trying to fix a lifetime of problems overnight.
When I work with a client who is stubborn and who has a lifetime of insecurity and self-doubt, I will keep working with them until they understand and embrace the greatness that they are. (and let me tell you ... I have had some REALLY stubborn clients)
I have had clients who will give up on themselves really easily. I don't give up on people, though, because I truly believe that we all have the power to become who we want to be. So don't give up on you!
If I knew you personally, not only would I not give up on you but I would kick your ass and help you realize how powerful, sexy and confident you can be around women.
If you want to learn how to breakthrough all your fears and excuses, and how to cultivate the kind of deep inner confidence that will allow you to easily and enjoyably attract women every day, then click here to read more:
The Fearless Code - Be THAT Guy who feels naturally confident and fearless around any Woman


How to Talk to Women in Bars and Clubs - What do I Say? Meet Girls - Digital Camera Approach

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How To EASILY Talk To Women In Bars - Talking to Women in Bars and Clubs
By Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
Tell me if this sounds at all familiar to you (although I'm betting the answer is YES). You go out to a bar because you want to meet women, BUT once you're there you always STRUGGLE to come up with something to say.
To be more specific, you really struggle because you are not sure what is the RIGHT thing to say to the women you want to meet. Am I right?
Well, you are CERTAINLY not alone in this. In fact, this is probably over the course of my 11 years of coaching men one of the MOST COMMON things that guys struggle with in meeting women.
I have men who email me on their BlackBerry from inside bars when they see a woman they want to talk to but are frozen because they don't know what to say. They'll text me and say, "David, I see this beautiful woman across the bar. What do I say? How do I come up with something really clever to say that will intrigue her?”
I have news for you, and it's just a fact of meeting women in bars: Most women will do nothing. They will check a guy out a bunch of times, but will rarely ever talk to (or even say hello to) a guy.
So where does this leave you? Don't worry - you just need to realize this fact and come up with a whole different approach.
Luckily I can HELP YOU do this ... AND it can be both EASY and FUN!
I'm not kidding. And I'm going to give you one of my FAVORITE TIPS for how to EASILY approach women in a bar.
You will love this one...
But before I get there, if you want to learn how to create approaches that will help you meet women ANYPLACE and in ANY SITUATION, click here to read more:

20 ways to meet hotter women without pickup lines
Okay, so let's get back to this great APPROACH I want to tell you about.
How many times have you been out at night, and a group of women are taking those ridiculous digital camera pictures? I know you've seen them...
I mean really, how many pictures do women need of they and their friends drinking? I know most women love putting these pictures up on their online dating profile.
===> Extra Tip: These kind of pictures, by the way, are really poor choices to put on your profile, because if you put up three pictures of you getting sloshed when in fact you don't really drink that often, this will tend to cause a disconnect somewhere. Not only that, but when I look at pictures of women (or men) drinking in their online profile, especially if they have more than one of those kind of pictures, I don't see “fun person” ... I see “lush.”
But I digress...
Here is how to have a fun time with those party girls with the digital camera, and how to be able to approach them EASILY at the same time. A way to approach beautiful women that's easy and fun -- sounds pretty good, right?
So here's how you do it...
I was out with a client the other night, and we saw one of these groups of girls taking pictures of themselves with their digital camera. My client said to me “I am going to go over there and take their picture.”
I said “No, no, no ... You don't want to be a photographer. Everybody uses that approach. You need to walk over and say 'Let me take your picture' just like you were going to, but you need to add one more element after you've finished taking their picture.”
Then I described to him a BETTER way to approach this situation. I told him “Hand the camera to one of her friends and say 'Now take a picture of all of you with me.'
Stand in the middle of the group for the picture and put your arms around the two girls next to you. When you're there, follow-up very quickly and say to both of them, 'Now you can tell your friends that I was the crazy guy you slept with that night.'
One of them is going to respond, if not both, and they are going to laugh. You're then going to say 'You better tell your friends that I was good.' Then you start talking about the great sex that you had with her.”
Then I sent my client over to try it with that group of girls. This is a far more interesting approach then just taking their picture. It also just leads to much more fun stories, especially when people are drunk and having fun.
So try this approach the next time you're out. You might be surprised how EASY and fun it can be to approach women ...
If you want to not only learn how to create YOUR OWN unique approaches in the places YOU go every day, and how to be able to approach ANY woman you want with TOTAL CONFIDENCE every time, then you need to read this letter right away:
How to Pick Up Hot Women without Pick-up Lines