Tuesday, 7 February 2012

First Dates - Where to take a Woman on a First Date - Where Not to take a Girl on a First Date - Kezia Noble

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First Date Locations - Where to take a woman on a first date - where NOT to take a girl on a first date - by Kezia Noble - PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist

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where you shouldn't take a woman on a first date
Formal restaurants it's a cliche to 'wine and dine' a woman, you book a table at a fancy restaurant, you end up sitting facing each other, get interrupted by waiters and there is potential for a lot of awkward silences. Also beware: a lot of women are looking for a free meal.

Don't take a woman to lunch for a first date - you may think it is a good idea as she will feel relaxed and not under pressure - but you need a little pressure in order for her to make an effort. Also it is very hard to escalate sex from a lunch date - chances of her coming back to yours from a lunch date are very low!

Activity based date - eg, karaoke, bowling, not a good idea unless you are under 18

Don't go over the top and try and do something to special, you want her to be more into you rather then the special experience you have created.

Don't take a woman to a VIP club on a first date, unless you are the VIP, she will be
more interested in the VIP's than she is in you.

Where you should take a woman on a first date

Take her somewhere you feel comfortable, take her somewhere that everybody knows you, take
her to a venue where your place in the hierarchy is high, this could be your local pub, a bar, a club or a party, this is a great way to show a woman that you have high value, that you have
a lot of friends, that you are important and that people respect you. This is very important
to women.

Take her to the cinema - a cinema date is a great first date, you can grab something to eat after
and you will have something to talk about, there will be no awkward silence.

Take her to a really tacky themed bar / club - it's a chance for her to be silly, you create your own world, dance to really cheesy music. taking a woman on a first date like this is also a great
way to assess her. How cool is she? Will she let her hair down? Do you want to see this girl for a second date?


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