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The Secret to Attracting Amazing Women - How to Connect with Women - Connecting with the Right Women

The Secret To Attracting The Right WomenBy Legendary Dating Coach David Wygant
Do you ever notice how some guys seem to have great, amazing women virtually fall into their lap . . . and they don't even seem to be TRYING? How do they do it?
And tell me if you've ever had this happen to you...
You ask a friend or family member who found one of these great and amazing women how they did it, and what's their answer? "I found her when I wasn't looking."
Did you just roll your eyes, or perhaps throw something at the computer screen? I hate when people say that!
Also, how exactly do people think you are supposed to take that advice? "Gee, thanks! That is REALLY helpful!"
I totally understand how you feel, but here's the thing...
Where does this advice come from, and why does ANYONE think that NOT being proactive is the key to achieving anything (let alone achieving the goal of finding a truly amazing and deep connection with a woman)?
Well, there is something that you need to think about BEFORE you ever start "looking," and it may be one of the biggest KEYS to how all those people found these amazing women when they "weren't even looking."
So if you want to find truly amazing love, or a truly amazing connection of any kind with a woman, then what I'm going to tell you now is something you will want to read carefully (and probably more than once!)
A few months ago I saw an old friend with whom I grew up and had lunch with him. It was a very memorable 95 degree fall day in Los Angeles. If you are familiar with October weather in Los Angeles, you know that when the Santa Ana winds are blowing it causes intense heat which makes the fall feel like Indian Summer.
We spent a long time catching up with each other and talking. We talked about life and relationships, but the topic of conversation inevitably came back to the status of our respective dating lives. My conversation with him reminded me about a concept I want to share which I call the "open door."
I believe we get to a point in our lives when we think we know everything. The problem with this is that many people at this point believe that they not only know and have experienced everything, but they also believe that there is nothing new left to experience and thus become closed.
They are no longer open to life. They haven't done enough work on themselves to remain open. I was telling my friend that I am right now the most open that I've ever been in my entire life, which seems to be the reverse of how most people's lives go.
Due to their life experiences - hurt, failed relationships, love gone bad - they become more closed to life as time goes on and as they age. As they get older, most people become less open to things.
This is, however, the exact opposite of how you should become in your life as you age. You need to be the most open to life as you get older, because you should be learning and embracing every life lesson as you experience them.
Every single person you've met has been a life lesson for you. You should not thinking that certain people were brought into your life just to hurt you, but instead should think of them as people who were in your life to teach you something.
I told my friend that because I'm right now the most open that I've ever been, I am also right now open to whatever possibilities life might bring me. I'm open to experiencing the most incredible love. I'm open to experiencing the most incredible connection with another person.
The only reason I am so open right now is because of everything I've experienced in my past. So I'm really the polar opposite of where most of the masses are at this same point in their lives, and going in the exact opposite direction emotionally that they are going.
The masses tend to go in the direction of feeling more and more wounded. The masses tend to go in the direction of being less and less open. Going in these directions, though, are the biggest mistakes in the entire world.
Think about it. The new person you met today did not hurt you. That new person you've met has not cheated on you. That new person you met did not betray your love for them.
That new person is in your life to explore new things with you based on everything you've learned in your past. So I think all of you who are spending way too much time thinking about what's happened to you in your past are cheating yourselves.
You're not concentrating on the present, which is where life happens. If you are not open to the amazing things that could come into your life, then you are just "ripping yourself off" from so much of what is out there waiting for you.
So I want to challenge all of you by asking you this question: Are you living in the past? Ask yourself whether you are allowing past failures, mistakes and pain to dictate the way you're currently conducting yourself in relationships, OR whether you are 100% in tune with what is happening presently so you are able to embrace whatever is happening to you at this moment.
Living and embracing the present are the ONLY way to live. Being open to life right now is the only way I'm choosing to live. I am so open for the amazing love in my life, because I know I'd be cheating myself if I didn't allow myself to experience that.
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