Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How to Make A Woman Interested in You - What Do Women Want ?

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What do Women Want? How to Get A Woman Interested in you - Getting a Woman's Opinion by PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist Kezia Noble

What Women Want - kezia noble finds out what women want

what annoys women most when guys are trying to pick them up, what do women find attractive in men, getting a woman's view on pick up / seduction, you have to come across as genuine, if you give too many compliments she will wonder if you are being genuine or is it just a blatant attempt to seduce.
Getting too close, intruding her personal space can come across as
threatening to a woman.
You must have good personal hygiene when attempting to pick up women.
How important is deep connection to women?
deep connection is very important to a women in the whole attraction phase, if you can not make deep connection when you are meeting women then there will be no chemistry.
Chemistry is very important to in the seduction / attraction process because a woman will get bored of you very quickly otherwise.

Women love deep conversation, light chit-chat gets boring.. deep conversation breeds trust and a woman will want to be your friend / lover / girlfriend.

A woman can sense what you are about, they will read your energy / aura and if they like it, they will be more inclined to open up to you!! if your attitude stinks you will get nowhere.

Pay attention to her.. You Must Listen!!

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