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Flirting with Women - How to Flirt with Girls - Using the Push-Pull Technique - Kezia Noble

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Flirting with Women - How to Flirt with Girls Using the Push-Pull Technique by PUA Pickup Coach - World's Leading Female Pickup Artist Kezia Noble

how to flirt, flirting with women tips and advice. Women love flirting, girls love to be around guys who flirt, when you flirt with a woman it creates a positive experience.
You do not have to be a natural flirt, flirting can be contrived, learn how to flirt and get real results with women. Increase your success with women, even if you have never flirted in your life you can learn how to flirt with women.

Making her feel sexually desired ( but only temporarily ) excessive use of the push pull technique - Giving the girl intense attention, and conveying to her your sexual desire for her is very very powerful, but only when done in small doses... otherwise it can become overwhelming rather then enjoyable. The moment you create should be used as a hint of what might be, rather then a guarantee of what will be, this is really important when it comes to flirting.
It's not about guaranteeing her that you are going to sleep with her that night, that you are going to have wild sex.. it's a hint of what might be, it leaves room for the imagination, it leaves her guessing.. but it can only be achieved if it is done in small doses.
Flirting is always about a hint of what might be.
once you have made her feel sexually desired, you have to be the one who changes that moment, you either change the topic of the conversation or you switch your full attention elsewhere.
You have to keep control, if you do not change the moment, she will and you will end up having turned a positive into a negative. this is the mistake that guy's make.
They show their sexual desire, but they then hold on to it for too long. then the girl breaks away, however confident a woman is, however sexually confident she is.. there comes a point when it
becomes unbearable for her.
If you can change the moment successfully, you will leave her WANTING MORE! but however if you do not apply the push-pull technique into flirting, it will become too intense, too sexual and you'll lose her.
The ability to make a girl want to slap you and kiss you at the same time - this is extremely powerful and only a few guys ever get it right. This is the whole experience a woman feels when she meets a guy and part of her wants to mother him, while another part of her wants to sleep with him.

Putting a woman in an emotional and psychological frame of mind where she wants more from you.


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